Job: Program Specialist: ARC, FWHH, BGTH JJ - 665201

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Jobing Description

Perform duties to monitor clients participation in activities, assist clients to proceed through the responsibilities and commitments of the assigned program and transport clients to off site activities, providing services under parameters of designated program and within prescribed setting, working within the limits of standard or accepted practice.

1. Monitor clients during daily activities including work, meals and recreation to ensure compliance with program commitments and regulations. Observe client and facility conditions. Monitor client telephone conversations. Assist clients in accessing program resources. Conduct searches of rooms and personal belongings. Communicate unusual issues or circumstances to supervisory personnel regarding current client and facility conditions.

2. Ensure safety of clients, program and the public at all times. Transport clients to various appointments and activities including medical and dental appointments, court hearings and scheduled and authorized outside activities. Monitor client activities and behavior, maintain custody of client and conduct informal individual counseling, while off site.

3. Facilitate group meetings and house meetings, note critical issues for review with others and collect fees for services. Provide psycho education and skill training for clients.

4. Document client behavior and other related data. Prepare periodic and special reports relating to work activities and project progress. Perform crisis interventions as required including proper procedure for Protective Action Response (PAR).

5. Assist to develop and implement monthly activity plans for the program. Participate in the maintenance of the facility and its landscape along with clients.

6. Monitor clients issuing urine samples for laboratory testing and prepare and maintain required documentation for chain of custody.

7. May give oral medications to clients after having completed training and has demonstrated competency in this area.

8. Maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct and adheres to Agency policies and procedures.

9. Employees in this job category may have an occupational exposure as defined in 29CFR1910, et seq.

1. This position may be called upon to assist and coordinate crisis and emergency response plan to situations in order to maintain the highest level of campus security at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency evacuations that requires this position to remain with the youth in the designated location.

2. Perform or assist with any departmental operations, under direction, to maintain work flow.

3. Attend and participate in a variety of meetings, staffing and task force groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specific level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements and policies.

4. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition. Ensure safe operating conditions within area of responsibility. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Common office equipment and specimen collection materials.

Skills / Requirements

High School Education or equivalent required. One year of related experience in counseling, intervention
and behavior modification techniques or education is preferred. Successful completion of Protective
Action Response Training is required.
Requires understanding of addiction behavior and related social, psychological and health issues. Requires complete knowledge of the organizations related programs, practices and policies as well as rules of documentation and confidentiality . Requires the ability to read, analyze and interpret written information including regulations and effectively communicate verbally and in writing where information includes precise data and terminology, possibly of a confidential nature. Requires the equivalent of a complete high school education along with specialized training in counseling, intervention and behavior modification techniques as well as successful completion of use of Protective Action Response training to include two years of experience in working within a residential treatment facility. Requires a valid state of Florida Driver's License and State required insurance.
Lifting: Must be able to lift 25 lbs. per Physical Demand Level (PDL)
Squatting: Must be able to squat in full position for 3 minutes
Kneeling: Must be able to kneel for 5 minutes
Sitting: Must be able to sit 30 minutes without interruption
Floor Movements:
Must be able to go from standing to rolling 10 ft. and back to standing 3 times
Protective Action Response (P.A.R.) is an intervention curriculum developed and established by the Department of
Juvenile Justice in order to maintain program and facility environments that are conductive to youth/staff safety,
effective care and supervision of youth.
Protective Action Response (P.A.R.) consists of the use of verbal interventions, counter moves and Department
approved defensive tactic techniques for the application of physical force to control and protect against physical
In order to successfully complete the Protective Action Response (P.A.R.) curriculum and utilize it in the working
environment, minimum requirements/skills must be possessed. These requirements/skills are inclusive of but not
limited to the following:
-Must be able to squat to a minimum of three quarter position to the floor.
-Must be able to pivot the body and kneel unsupported and maintain physical dexterity.
-Must be able to lift and continuously carry 25 lbs. over 25 ft.
-Must be able to effectively communicate commands/direction.
-Must be able to write a Protective Action Response (P.A.R.) report and effectively describe and document an event
or situation.
-Must be able to pass a written examination with a minimum score of 75%.
-Must be able to physically pass the Protective Action Response (P.A.R) defensive tactic test.

Location Brevard Group Treatment Home (BGTH) Juvenile Justice Facility
About the Organization The Center for Drug-Free Living, Inc. is proud to be Central Florida's largest provider of behavioral healthcare services for over 39 years. The Center provides a full continuum of innovative, high quality treatment, prevention, and juvenile justice services with the goal of promoting responsible choices and healthy living. Through programs operated by a compassionate and committed team of counselors, nurses, behavioral technicians, medical staff, and administrators, The Center For Drug-Free Living has earned the reputation as a leader in evidence-based treatment practices and services. The Center continues to advance in serving the changing needs of growing and diverse populations across Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard counties through successful outcomes, research, and community action.
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